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N&S Property Services, LLC is an SBA certified facility maintenance and construction company dedicated to helping commercial and government properties all over the United States with expert property management services. At N&S Property Services, LLC, we strategically align our services with your property’s unique requirements helping you drive your goals to fruition. We integrate our services into your workflow to provide high quality and reliable facility maintenance solutions that are second to none.


Offering quality services


Services We Offer

Drywall and Insulation Services

N&S Property Services, LLC offers top-notch drywall and insulation services.

Plumbing Contractors

As one of the leading providers of plumbing services, we service residential, commercial and government properties with many years of combined experience and attention to details.

Facility Support Services

We offer standby facility support services. Our services are structured to help you keep your facility running at all times.

Landscaping Services

We offer landscaping services tailored to your unique needs. You can benefit from our responsive service back by excellent customer services.

Janitorial Services

We offer full service residential, commercial and government property janitorial services in the US.

Framing Contractors

We provide residential, commercial and government builders and developers with professional, affordable and quality framing services.

Finish Carpentry

N&S Property Services, LLC is your go-to company for expert finish carpentry services.

Roofing and Siding Contractors

We offer expert roofing and siding installation, repair and much more to residential, commercial and government properties

Snow Removal

Our snow removal team operates round the clock to ensure your operations don’t slow down when snow piles up.

Commercial and Institutional Building Construction

N&S Property Services, LLC tailors her commercial building construction to your individual need.

Masonry Contractors

N&S Property Services, LLC provides you with superior craftsmanship in all types of brick, stone and block work as well as decorative, stamped concrete and outdoor kitchens that are trending.

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