SCIF Construction

Value Proposition for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities
“SCIF” Construction N&S Services can provide our Clients with the expertise necessary for the design, construction, subject matter expert (SME) consultation and accreditation
facilitation of Intelligence Community Directive (ICD) 705 standards.
N&S Services has the capability to interface with and assist Clients senior personnel, mid-level managers, architectural/ facility staff and other key personnel on national or international project work sites. N&S Services shall provide personnel who have good communication and collaboration skills, as well as the ability to work in a team setting with other senior managerial, technical, and security personnel at all levels of the organization.

N&S Services defines itself above and beyond other contractors by providing on-site SME support at all stages of your project, to ensure rigorous compliance with US Government requirements concerning ICD 705 and related standards (Executive Orders, JAFAN, Unified Field Criteria, OSPB and Best Practices for Architectural Radio Frequency Guidelines to name a few), providing cost efficiencies in labor, materials and performance in our deliverable to clients in the USG or Industry.

Our bottom line is a guarantee of accreditation for every SCIF we deliver.
N&S Services is one of only a few 8(a) SCIF Contractors in the United States that specialize in SCIF Design/Build/Consulting for SCIF projects.

  • Accredited by most all of the Agencies.
  • Assist with the completion of Fixed Facility
    Checklist, Construction Security Plan, TEMPEST Checklist, Site Control,
    Site Worker documentation and all other related requirements.
  • All subcontractors must participate in E-Verify and provide for record the E-Verify report for any and all workers on Secured Projects or submit
    copies of Birth Certificate and other documents
  • Assist our clients during design to ensure all requirements under ICD 705 or JAFAN 6/9are met. Ensure overbuilding is not created during design as we have the ability and knowledge to mitigate risk through design to meet all requirements at the best possible cost.
  • One of the first Contractors to have a SCIF Accredited under Intelligence
    Community Directive 705 (ICD 705).
  • Approximately 7 SCIF projects already accredited under ICD 705 and we
    are in progress of many others.

Qualifications at a Glance

  • Qualified SCIF construction personnel with over 25 years’ experience.
  • We only build what is required, realizing cost savings for our Clients.
  • Built SCIF facilities under ICD 705 during the transition period from
    DCID 6/9, all of which received “flawless” ratings from the Accrediting
    Official (AO).
  • Works in secure and non-secure facilities and is accustomed to working
    in occupied spaces with minimal impact to the client.
  • Full crews in house and ready to go on short notice for any upcoming
  • Cost effective… We are not always the lowest number; however, we will be the best value for your project.
  • Approaches every project as your construction partner of choice and we
    build and foster our relationships to be the best in the business.

Why are we different?

N&S Services can provide comprehensive, (turnkey, “cradle to grave”) services
supporting any and all of our client’s requirements for the construction of secure environments, with subject matter expertise pertaining to the application of policy document ICD 705.

We will utilize our knowledge of current and future policy requirements, services, initiatives, and strong process and service delivery expertise to provide responsive, effective, and flexible support. We optimize service delivery and collaborate effectively across all of our clients technical and service areas as appropriate, in the spirit of a partnership protecting your best interests.

A core component of our mission is to deliver and operate reliable, sustainable, and available construction security solutions, with on-going critical operations requiring specific technical knowledge and experience in the areas of SCIF construction and related policy requirements that may overlap your project.

Our expertise will ease the challenges many face in the following areas:

  •  Historical understanding of the ICD 705 policy and the interplay of other
    US Government standards and regulations critical to its promulgation
  • An understanding of how CONUS and OCONUS requirements affect the
    new secure facilities construction standards
  • Issue areas: Floors, ceilings, windows, doors and penetrations
  • New requirements for chain of custody protection of materials
  • Construction Surveillance Technicians, Cleared American
    Guards, Construction Security Plans and Site Security Managers
  • SCIF types, to include modular and mobile platforms
  • The criticality of determining “Security in-depth” (SID) and the Analytic
    Risk Management (ARM) process
  • Communication Equipment Rooms (aka “Computer Equipment Rooms”
    – CER) to include SPRNET, JWICS, NPRNET, KVM switches and cabling
  • SCIF planning and design, to include wall specifications and red/black
  • Physical and Technical Security Standards (RF concerns and TEMPEST)
  • The use of waivers in the SCIF accreditation process
  • Intrusion and Access Control Systems
  • Acoustic testing, requirements and construction standards
  • Telecommunications and IT
  • Completing the Fixed Facility Checklist and documentation requirements
  • Installation of white, pink and random noise generators
  • New materials and technologies
  • Understanding the SCIF accreditation cycle

Defense Nuclear Agency
“Your unparalleled excellence in custodial services has received praise from the highest levels with DOD. Thank you for a job well done”

Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
“The prompt response, cooperative esprit, and performance efficacy has distinguished your company in its fulfillment of the contract”

US Federal Aviation Administration
“Work performance is excellent”

White House Communications Agency
“I want to take the opportunity to express my grateful thanks for your support and assistance. My most sincere thanks for a job well done”

Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute
“The resource management department extend our gratitude and appreciation for the services your crew has provided to ensure the success and quality of the facility’s environmental”

Department of Health and Human Services
“Your efforts are greatly appreciated, thanks again for a job well done”